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The Green Deal

What is the Green Deal and its importance?

The Green Deal is the new government initiative that is designed to help business and home owners to employ more green technologies in their properties. The idea is simple; install new green technology into your property with no up-front costs.

You will pay back the costs through your energy bill over a period of time. This is unlike a conventional loan because if you move out of the property the bill stays with the property where the savings are occurring and not with the bill payer.

The Green Deal, which is designed to work alongside the Energy Company Obligation to make Britain’s homes more energy efficient, will be streamlined and improved to boost take up of energy efficiency measures.

The changes are designed to make the Green Deal more straightforward and less time-consuming for families who want to improve their homes and benefit from lower bills in future.

At the heart of the Green Deal is the rule that estimated savings on bills will always equal or exceed the cost of the work.

At a local level, the Green Deal will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties without consuming so much energy and wasting so much money. A quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions comes from the energy used in homes and a similar amount comes from businesses, industry and workplaces.


What are the Green Deal Home Improvement products and measures?

We've put together some home improvement measures you can get under a Green Deal plan.

Am I eligible for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund?

For you to qualify for cashback, all energy-efficient measures have to be recommended on a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) less than 24 months old - which should be given to you when buying a new property, as sellers are obliged to provide you with one - or on a Green Deal Advice Report.

You'll also need a quote for the installation from a registered Green Deal provider, who must then carry out the work.

Once you have these, you'll be able to apply for a Home Improvement Fund voucher on the government's website.

You should make sure you have your voucher before starting any work, and then make your claim before the voucher's expiry date. 

If you're receiving money to carry out any measures installed already through another Green Deal scheme, however, you won't be eligible for further cashback through the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund for those same measures.

Certain households may still be eligible for discounts on energy-efficient measures through the Energy Companies Obligation scheme, especially if you are on a low income.

How to get a Green Deal assessment?

If you wish to take out a Green Deal loan with a Green Deal provider, you need to have a Green Deal assessment. The assessment will also be able to show you the energy efficiency of your home, and will also look at the energy consumption that occurs in your property.

We can supply you with a Green Deal Accredited Assessors to carry out a thorough examination of your property, and then recommend energy-efficient measures that would be suitable to install in your home. 

How will my property be assessed?

Our Green Deal Accredited Assessors will produce a Green Deal advice report made up of two documents: 

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which rates your home’s energy efficiency on an A to G rating scale.

An Occupancy Assessment, which assesses how you use energy in your home. 

EPCs are already in use, as they have to be produced when properties are sold or rented out. An EPC is a basic assessment of the fabric of your property; it assumes how many people live in the property and how they use their heating, so it does not take account of your actual usage or energy bills. The Occupancy Assessment is personalized to you and does assess your own energy use.

The EPC is used to decide the amount of Green Deal finance you can borrow. This means there is a risk - particularly for low energy users - that the EPC could overstate how much energy you could save, meaning that your repayments might be higher than the savings you make on your energy bills. In this case, the assessor is required to get a written acknowledgement from you, showing that you are aware of this risk.

Luso Property Service can arrange an assessment by our Green Deal Accredited Assessors. We are available to discuss your individual needs and we can tailor the advice accordingly.

We are happy to provide you a Green Deal Advice Reports (GDAR) quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. Book your residential Green Deal assessment today.

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