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Floor Plan Draft Service for Home Owners and Estate Agents



To simplify and speed up the marketing process Luso Property Service offer a service where we can assist you with obtaining an professional 2D & 3D floor plans to make your property stand out.
Our Floor Plans Service is an affordable solution to satisfy your needs whether you are a home owner selling your property, looking to maximize the power of the online adverts or you are a state agent looking to make some adverts stand out within the crowd. 

Common uses for Floorplans

A Floor Plan is a powerful graphic tool that could lead to more queries during the selling process. Many potential buyers would rather to know beforehand the property’s layout, as they use this information to assess whether or not the property is suitable for them or not.
Home owners may want to refurbish the current layout therefore, careful planning will be the key for a successful project where a floor plan will definitely aloud home owners to play with different ideas and ways to refurbish the existing layout.
State agents can definitely take advantage of our offer, as they can focus on sales and customer service, while we undertake the background activities. This will definitely lead to more sales as the information display in the adverts will be more substantial, which is exactly what potential buyers want.
Companies can also take advantage of floor plans as they are bound by regulations to display floor plans within their premises in order to inform staff and visitors about the emergency exits in case of a fire or other kind of emergency evacuation.

Benefits for property marketing

Before the economic downturn people bought property with less calculation.
Now, home sellers and Estate Agents need to be more creative in courting the sale.
Home buyers are more careful- they want more details before committing even to a viewing!In such a competitive market, it can be difficult to find that marketing edge, but we believe that something as simple as a floorplan will make all the difference.
Increasingly, prospective buyers looking at property will evaluate the asking price by looking at the value of a square meter of usable space, similar to the way commercial property is bought and sold.
One of the leading property websites in the uk- 'Rightmove', says that a floorplan can increase buyer and tenant interest in a property by an impressive 52%

Benefits for estate agents:

  • Helps Estate Agents get the instruction

  • Helps increase your market share
  • Provide a cost effective marketing tool

  • Sets you apart from your competitors

  • Increased client satisfaction

  • Improve the appearance of property particulars

  • Save time in lengthy descriptions of the property layout

  • Allow alteration/extension potential of the property to be seen

  • Stop 'deceptive' properties from being so

  • Save time and money in decreasing wasted accompanied viewings

  • Floor Plan Sketch Drawing

    If you have already taken the dimensions of a property but don’t have time to draw it up on to the floor plan software, then this service is for you.
    This is a very cost effective solution. Just send us an email with your sketch and the finished floor plan will be drawn up and sent back to you.
    This service is also useful if you have an old floor plan that you want us to update with your preferences and branding.
    If you would like get more information about our Floor Plans service, please contact us today.

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    Guide Price
    € 400.000
    £ 284.000  
          Porto, Portugal
    Guide Price
    € 1.300.000
    £ 923.000  
    Guide Price
    € 495.000
    £ 351.450  
          Cascais, Portugal
    Guide Price
    € 400.000
    £ 284.000  
          Cascais, Portugal


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